1. About Kid Mode

It may not be surprising that kids in every age group are watching TV regularly, but that’s far from the only way the lunchbox set are consuming media. With digital devices now a facet of everyday life, even the youngest among us are tuning in via tech.

Kids are generating billions of video views on the online video service, but it’s raising some talking points for parents. Video apps, in particular, has emerged as an alternative to traditional children’s TV – although it’s probably more accurate to say that the two are merging: plenty of popular children’s TV shows are now on Video Apps in some form. To cater the need to market we are here with our exclusive Kid Portal dedicated to Parents and kids where user can consume rhymes , tutorials, Learning Videos etc…

2. Portal Features

  • Inbuilt Video Player
  • Streaming on the go
  • HD quality content
  • User friendly UI
  • Supports Streaming in all handset
  • Covers Rhymes, Playing videos , Learning Videos , tutorials

3. Benefits to User

  • Huge catalogue of content
  • Subscription option available
  • Daily new offers/discounts on content
  • User can use this service anytime of the day till they are subscribed
  • This unique product enables customers to feel included in the sports life as they can remove boredom out of their lives and have fun.

4. Benefits to Operator 

  • Target all types of user base
  • Operator can demonstrate product leadership in the market place
  • Available to all, postpaid and prepaid user’s

5. Product Flow

  • User Needs to subscribe to the service through mobile banner ads .
  • After subscribing, user will get a confirmation on WAP page and activation message with successful charging. 
  • Fallback charges will be applicable if user doesn’t have balance as per price point. 
  • User can access unlimited content during subscribed period.
  • Service will be auto renewable.

6. Price Packs (Subscription)

  • Daily Packs
  • Weekly Packs
  • Monthly Packs

7. Promotion Strategy

  • Mobile Banner Ads
  • BTL and ATL Supported by Operator 

8. Product Screen Shot